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After a few bumpy years, my world was filled with noise and chaos. Yearning for simplicity and tranquility, I needed a place where I could find solace and reconnect with my true self. It was in this pursuit that Mellowhide came to life.
Our Name

combines the essence of "mellow," representing a relaxed and pleasant lifestyle, with "hide," which symbolises both a shelter and the artistry of leathercraft.

It was during my exploration of leatherworking skills acquired years ago that I unearthed a profound sense of peace through the marriage of craftsmanship and creativity.

Production of Handcrafted Leather Goods
In 2023, Mellowhide was born.

At Mellowhide, we believe that life should be a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and inner peace. Our brand is a reflection of the serene beauty found in the simplest moments and objects.

Our commitment to nature
Our Commitment to Nature

Inspired by nature's soothing embrace, our mission is to create products that bring joy into people's lives. Our dedicated artisans meticulously handcraft each item, infusing it with the essence of tranquility. We carefully select the quality materials, incorporating an upcycling concept into our products and using eco-friendly packaging to minimise our eco-footprints.

Power of Connection

We also believe in the power of connection and the magic that happens when individuals come together to create cherished memories and meaningful conversations. Mellowhide products are invitations to dialogues. Our thoughtfully customised products are meticulously crafted to evoke memories or simple joys in your life, providing an opportunity to share your stories, inspirations, and lifestyles.

We hope each Mellowhide piece becomes a cherished companion on your personal journey — a gentle reminder to slow down, savour the moment, and find the beauty of simplicity. :)
Personalised Green Card Holder Handcrafted by Mellowhide in Singapore
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